Small Wonders–more than meets the eye

The Maryland Federation of Art is proud to announce  Small Wonders: National Juried Exhibition is now gracing our walls with some of the most interesting and thought provoking works. Although these works are small– or I may say, because they are small–they delight and intrigue our curiosity on a grand scale beyond their size. The show guidelines required works not to exceed 7 inches for 2D works and 11 inches for 3D works. Despite the size limitation, artists from 35 states across the country, submitted works that incorporate a diverse range of materials to communicate thoughtful concepts. In fact you wouldn’t believe what people have thought of!

One of my favorites from the show is by Eric Standley. If you look closely the piece is made from cut paper and is only about 2inches in diameter.

Another very interesting piece called “Temporal Vision” by Sonya McAlister is created with a glass lens. Water droplets are added to the lens to illuminate and magnify the light.

The Juror Laura Amussen, exhibitions director at Goucher College in Baltimore, MD,  chose works created through an intricate process, or works that portrayed  conceptual interplay between material and design.

Meet the juror and artists at the opening Reception.

Thursday,  December 6, 6–8pm (open late for midnight madness in Annapolis)

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