Focal Point @Maryland Federation of Art–Artists’ statements about their work

The Maryland Federation of Art proudly presents our next not-to-be-missed national juried show–Focal Point: Fine Art and Creative Photography shown in conjunction with the Chesapeake Woodturners.

This show is going to be a specular  kick-start into the MFA’s 50th Anniversary year. We are delighted to have such an outstanding collection of photographic works in our gallery, shown with a dramatic selection of hand turnered sculptural and functional wood art.

Focal Point: Fine Art and Creative Photography, a National Juried Photography Exhibition— The exhibit celebrates the medium of photography, highlighting a selection of experimental subjects and techniques. The works on display demonstrate a social dialogue through a variety of photographic techniques—from the most traditional to the most innovative.

On view at MFA’s Circle Gallery, 18 State Circle, Annapolis, Maryland

February 1 through February 24, 2013.

Opening Reception: Sunday,  February 10, 2013. 3-6pm. 

Here are some examples of the works that will be shown here from the Focal Point Exhibition, including artists’ statements about some of the work on view:

Kim_31315_1_1Jung Kim Circle II #3, photograph

Circle II series is a narrative about some negative emotions originated from my childhood experience. I replaced different fictional characters with my self in the Korean folklore based upon a simple moral dichotomy of good and evil and a clear-cut moral message that the good always wins. The personalities of the characters are re-interpreted from a absolutely  subjective point of view. They are intentionally twisted and exaggerated, either extremely beautifying or denigrating, and caricaturing them.”

To read more about Jung Kim’s work please visit her website:

Fitzsimmons_7394_5_1James Fitzsimmons Minotaur II, digital print

Minotaur II is part of a series of photographs that I took in my studio on a black background. It actually began as an improvisation of sorts, an experiment in changing identity using the skull of a cow. It has resulted in a number of photographs based on this theme. The photograph was created using basic photographic techniques.”
To read more about James Fitzsimmons work please visit his website:

Leaycraft_19103_1_1Cathy Leaycraft, Enter the Wreck, photography archival ink jet print

“This photograph was taken in and around a boat wreck on Monhegan Island, Maine. By photographing layered reflections off glass surfaces, I was able to capture vivid colors and unusual abstract views of my subject.I have been photographing in the landscape using this technique for a number of years and I am constantly amazed at the beauty of objects, both natural and man made.” Cathy Leaycraft, seeing the world creatively.

To see more work by Cathy Leaycraft please visit her website:

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