Focal Point Reception– was on point, a great turn out!

The Focal Point Reception was packed last Sunday, February 10. A great turn out between the photographers and the woodturners. Artists and art enthusiasts alike were networking and exchanging information. The Juror Alex Castro met many of the artists and personally thanked them for submitting such an outstanding body of work. He really enjoyed taking part in the juror process with the MFA.

Here are some quick highlights from the Focal Point Reception, artists proudly posing next to  their prize winning photographs, Alex Castro selected the winners, totaling $1,000 in cash prizes:

Ran Zeimer, received the Best in Show award for his body of work,  Tire Marks on the Jersey Barrier.

FP_Recept_ZiemerCathy Leaycraft, Juror’s Choice Award for Enter the Wreck,

FP_Recpt_LeaycraftKaren Klinedinst, Juror’s Choice Award for Late Afternoon, Roberston Mountain

FP_Recpt_KlindenstPatricia Stockman, Juror’s Choice Award for Lost Childhood


To read more reviews about the show please check out b-more art review:


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