Artwork Beautifies Atmosphere For Hospice Workers And Patients-

Article by Severna Park Voice, written by Dyland Roche

A burst of color here, an impressive display of talent there, and around the next corner, a soothing vision rendered in photography for all to see. Walking through the hallways of Hospice of Chesapeake’s new administrative office is like walking through the hallways of a museum – on each wall, there is artwork to behold and admire.

The décor is thanks to a recent partnership between Hospice and the Maryland Federation of Art (MFA), and “Gallery 90,” as it has been titled, helps fulfill an important mission for both organizations.

For MFA, the project helps make art accessible and available in places where it can be seen and enjoyed. For Hospice, the artwork contributes to a comfortable atmosphere for everyone involved in the organization. In a release, leaders from MFA and Hospice shared their perspective on the gallery. “Art builds bridges and inspires ideas,” MFA Executive Director Joann Vaughan said. “We welcome this partnership with Hospice of the Chesapeake as a way of making art a part of our community.”

Michael S. McHale, president and CEO of Hospice of the Chesapeake, similarly expressed his optimism. “Our hope is that Gallery 90 will enhance our workplace and is a concept we embrace and look forward to sharing with not only our staff and volunteers but also our visitors,” he explained. “We are honored to be featuring the work of local artists and partnering with MFA.”

Gallery 90 began when the healing arts team at Hospice started to develop creative, outside-the-box ways to improve the quality of life for patients and staff. “Art became a top priority,” summarized Sandra Anderson, spokesperson for Hospice of the Chesapeake, who observed that simply having the beautiful visuals around the workplace makes it brighter and more welcoming. Many of those who pass through the halls of Hospice need that sort of pick-me-up, and the artwork helps create a harmonious environment for staff, volunteers and patients and their families.

MFA members came to Hospice and installed the proper suspension pieces for hanging artwork on the walls, with the plan that the artwork would rotate regularly. By doing so, MFA will keep the scene at Hospice fresh. The first show, “Beginnings,” ran from late August through the end of October, when visitors enjoyed the work of artists from throughout Anne Arundel County and Maryland. Pieces included photography and mixed-media designs and collages, as well as paintings in watercolor, oil and acrylic, depicting subjects from landscapes to the abstract.

All the artwork displayed in Gallery 90 is available for purchase, and proceeds will benefit MFA and Hospice. The public is invited to visit and may make an appointment to do so by calling 410-987-2003. For more information on Hospice of the Chesapeake programs and services, visit For more information on MFA, visit


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