Leslie Ann Blackmon, “Family Swing”, collage

Introducing Art on Paper:

MFA (Maryland Federation of Art) invites all artists residing in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico to enter its 42nd annual Art on Paper competition. Any original 2-D or 3-D work  (excluding digital photography) created on or of paper, including collage, artist book, origami, printmaking, painting, sculpture, and more, will be considered. Works selected will be on exhibit ONLINE in Curve Gallery. The exhibition chair is Candice Bigelow.

Art on Paper Exhibition coming soon!

Art on Paper Sales Gallery coming soon!

Juror: LuLen Walker, Georgetown University Curator of Collections

Juror’s Statement

The 42nd annual exhibition of Art on Paper presents an extraordinary array of art forms incorporating paper in new and innovative ways. In a few cases it takes some careful looking to determine how paper was employed. Visitors will find collage, livre d’artiste, digital media, traditional photography, mixed media, found objects, and sculpted constructions that use paper either as a support or as an added element. As this year’s juror, it has been a privilege and a delight to consider the more than 500 submissions. My selections gravitated towards work that conveyed or implied some form of narrative, message, or insight into our shared human experience. Technical mastery was another important criteria.

It is clear that the Anne Arundel County has a very rich artistic community that engages with social environmental and philosophical issues we encounter in our daily lives. Part of the chemistry of art appreciation is that it affects each one of us differently. The artist’s gift to create works of aesthetic beauty which comment upon challenging concerns or which reveal psychological content is akin to a calling, and we are fortunate that there are visionaries among us who heed this call. Their singular creations cause us to pause and reflect, first to ponder the artist’s perspective, then to assess our own response. This dialog engages and challenges the viewer. It inspires collecting, preserving, and support of this vital form of human expression.

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