Dollar SignWith viewers on Facebook, Twitter, and Blog subscribers, 1852 people will see this post.   And that is how many will get introduced to you and your art when you are featured in Me & My Art Monday. Last week, it was 1833.  Our audience is growing.

If you are selling your work, or thinking about selling your work, people have to know you are out there.  And the greater your online presence, the better chances your next collector will find you.

$0.  That’s how much additional it costs you, as a member.  These posts live on in the category of “Me & My Art”, so that anyone visiting the blog can click the category and go all the way back to March of 2014 (when we began M&MAM) to view the brief bios of artist members that have been featured.

It’s easy.  To take advantage of this free marketing tool, we need to know a little about you.  You probably already have a bio and an artist statement to pull from, and if not, well… now is the time to think about it.

Here’s what you do:

1) Send us about 350 to 400 words total in the following three categories:

  • ME.  Two to four sentences that answer these questions:  Where you’re from, where you live, and what you did before you did art or maybe you knew in the 2nd grade that art would be your life.  Oh yes – and where is your studio?  Maybe it’s in a jeep with camera on safari in Africa…
  • MY ART.  Here’s the meat of it.  Give us a paragraph describing what you do.  What is your medium?  What is your process?  What is your subject matter, and your inspiration?
  • MFA & ME.  Tell us what MFA means to you.  What has your experience been with MFA

2) Two Images:  A head shot, and an image of your work.

Send the above to

Don’t know where to start?  Click the category on the right:  Me & My Art, and read through some of the featured artists posts.  

Still unsure?  Email me.  I’m happy to help.

Take advantage of this opportunity to be seen by almost 2,000 people!

Patrice Drago, Editor


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