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Hanging art on the walls in our homes is a different skill than creating the artwork itself.

Sort of.  We still use the principles of composition, whether we segment the room out in vignettes, or look at it from a broader view.

Is there a right way?  We know there are things that don’t work well, like hanging a teeny tiny work on a very large otherwise empty wall, or placing a work where it is obscured by a large chair, etc.  Many might say there are right ways and we must follow the rules, like matching the artwork to the decor (really??), or hanging something at a certain level .. but we’re artists aren’t we?   If you follow the rules, raise your hand. I can’t see you, but I’m pretty sure there are very few hands in the air.

One of our board members, Dana Kern, is an art enthusiast, and she is always seeking links to interesting art-related topics that apply to both the artist and the art lover. She found this article on the Wall Street Journal online:  Lessons from Artists on Hanging Art. A very short read, and visually cool.

Show us how you hang art in your home.  Send pictures!
Send me a picture or two of art on walls, or 3D art in your home, office, garage studio, garden… anywhere you have art.  Just include a brief description, and I will collect them and feature them on this blog.

Here’s an example provided by Gallery Manager, Hannah Sturm:

Hannah’s family home is filled with abstract art created by her father, Les Sturm. The image on the left is a more traditional hanging for a clean and complete vignette.  The second image is an interesting way they’ve displayed a collection of various sizes of paintings up high, together with photos.  It looks great!  Nice artwork, Mr. Sturm!



We look forward to seeing how you have displayed art in your home, office, studio! 
Send your pictures and description to meandmyart@mdfedart.org.


PS:  Are you interested in a very cool gray t-shirt that says “I hang at MFA”?  Male and Female versions available. Contact Hannah at the Gallery to purchase one!

Patrice Drago



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