Meet this week’s featured artist, Anne Cooper Sieling, member since 2006:

Anne Cooper SielingME:  Born and bred in Baltimore County, I married an Annapolitan and have lived here for 37 years, during which sailing was a large part of my life. Graduating from the College of Notre Dame in Baltimore with a degree in Communication Arts, I became a certified Public Relations Consultant working in both State and County government. I also acquired certification as a teacher of therapeutic horseback riding and pursued that until the present.

MY ART:  Years ago I began painting with pastels in order to do portraits of my children’s ponies. After doing a few commissioned horse portraits and some landscapes in oil, I became busy with the clutter of everyday living and a career, and did not paint seriously again until I retired. Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts was my starting point, where I took both pastel and oil classes and realized how much I didn’t know. Since then, I have continued with both mediums and branched out in many directions trying to improve my skills as a painter of portraits (animal and human), still life, and plein air landscape.

Himself, by Anne Cooper Sieling
Himself, by Anne Cooper Sieling

To me, becoming a better artist presents a constant and ongoing challenge. There is always a carrot out there at the end of the stick—the promise that at the end of every lesson, every class, every workshop I will have absorbed one more piece of the puzzle of being a better painter. In the process I have made many incredibly talented and supportive friends—painting makes me happy in many, many ways!  To see my work, visit my website:


MFA and ME:  I am continually amazed at the amount of artistic talent it supports and nourishes. We are extremely fortunate to have such a dynamic organization promoting the arts and the artists in Annapolis!


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