Meet this week’s featured artist, Kathleen Dove, member since spring 2015:

Selfie '15 croppedME: This phase of life started when I retired, began art, and married for the first time–in that order.  I had long felt a lurking desire for the first two, and I now indulge in all three.  Two influential experiences in a previous phase were hosteling around Europe by myself for eight weeks after graduation from college and teaching in Japan.  Most summers I traveled the world until I reached Senior Hostel Pass age limit. Since then, my husband, Tom, and I have sailed extensively on the Chesapeake as well as on the Aegean, Mediterranean, and the Marmara Seas.   I have studios in Annapolis and Mt Dora, Florida, and exhibit in various art shows, galleries, museums, restaurants, street fairs, and soon, a magazine. A fun, unexpected aspect from my art is meeting people, helping us feel a part of the community. My solo art gallery in my Annapolis home displays my new genre called fabric sculpture and recently, my photography. See   We also love singing, playing guitar and dobro (resonator guitar), Argentine tango and ballroom, and traveling in our van.  My ham radio call sign is K3WTT.

MY ART:  Color, shapes, textures, and their interaction with light fascinate me in both fabrics and photography.  A richly designed, silk, Japanese obi ignited my passion to work with fabric. Fabric art requires me to understand the nature of each fabric to show its beauty, and then find the technique to work it into a composition, usually with assemblage elements.  I paint and sculpt with fabric. Texture and sheen in three-dimensional positions are important elements.  With the bigger art I must be part contortionist.  Fabrics and I work/play together; they tell me how they want to move, and I help them decide where.

Silk & Samurai, Obi Sculpture by Kathleen Dove
Silk & Samurai, Obi Sculpture by Kathleen Dove

Always ready to seek beauty and uniqueness, I now carry a camera everywhere.  I love finding the details, the reflections, the colors on the boat bottom and the duck butt, blue at dusk, the sun shapes.  Each natural design with the effects of weather and time becomes special. My favorite sources are docks and boatyards. Tom says I do “Seinfeld Photography” —  the “nothing” is defined by my art. My two poetry books are being redone to add photos.

MFA and ME: MFA is a friendly, accessible, and supportive group. I was instantly able to choose ways to participate and to meet new friends while installing a show, attending parties and receptions, and exhibiting. These have been fun, light-hearted times with seriously talented artists who work together well. The website is fantastic!



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