Me & My Art Monday: Meet Aina Nergaard-Nammack

Meet this week’s featured artist, Aina Nergaard-Nammack, recently rejoined (welcome back Aina!):

Aina NammackME:  I am originally from Spain and Norway. I studied at Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes in Spain.  Washington, DC (Northern Virginia) was my home for many years; I moved to Lewes, Delaware in 1992.

MY ART:   For each force there is a reciprocal force.  I have to work actively in the field to abstract my comprehension of what I feel, and imagine forms and colors that will be in equilibrium on the canvas. My paintings are non-representational. The important thing for me is to arrange these forms in the pictorial field to achieve a strong composition. I balance all relationships as they develop and intuitively search for a complete image. My non-representational forms will flow as part of a rhythmical interplay. The result is a vibrant, balanced composition.  My art is doing.

#1482 Beethoven, From Symphony #6, Acrylic on Canvas by Aina Hammock
#1482 Beethoven, From Symphony #6, Acrylic on Canvas by Aina Hammock

For my “Fragments of classical music and meditation series”:   While I listen to music, I start painting large brush strokes in accordance of what I am listening to. I get immersed in the music and my brush hits the canvas in different directions and tempo. At times I have two or three brushes in my hand, different sizes and different colors, and I use them as the music tells me to. I am not thinking of what I do, but anytime a brush stroke appears on the canvas, I move away to really look at the composition and decide what direction I will take next. I pause many times, to avoid a chaos that could start if I am not careful. When I am painting, I use my whole arm and my body and paint somehow away from the canvas so that I can continually see from a distance, what I am doing.  To see this series and my other works, visit my website:

MFA and ME:  I was a member of MFA a few years ago and I had to leave because I live far away. This year I decided to come back. MFA gives the artists many opportunities to apply for juried shows, and this is very important to me. I want to be part of a gallery that has very good artists in a diversity of styles.


Spread the word about…YOU! Every week, we feature an MFA member for “Me & My Art Monday.” If you would like to be featured, please submit a photo and three paragraphs: one each about YOU, YOUR ART, and MFA & YOU totaling approximately 350 words, to


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