What to get the artist……and the art lover!

With holidays approaching, everyone is making a list – and potentially checking it twice!

So here are a few book ideas that should make everyone’s holidays happy!

In September, we featured an article from The Wall Street Journal that talked about how artists hang art in their own homes. The article mentioned two recently published books that examined the way artists deal with art — their own and work by others.

The message in both books is that art should be inspiring not intimidating – and mixing important works of art with family mementos or garage sale finds inspires interaction with the art. The goal is to create an environment that reflects you.

At MFA we hang art, a lot, and we hope others buy work, take it home, and incorporate the work into their homes and lives. So here are the two books mentioned – as well as another “find” we thought you might be interested in. Each of these books debuted this fall and would be wonderful winter reading for any art lover.

MFA is an Amazon affiliate, so if you order any of the books by clicking the links below, not only will you have a holiday `present for a loved one (or yourself!), you will also be supporting MFA and our mission of bringing to the public current art by living artists. Descriptions are from Amazon.

How We Live

How We Live

How We Live is an intimate photographic journal of designers’ and artists’ homes and work spaces from around the world, including Mumbai, Beirut, Marrakech, Reykjavik, Mexico City, and Amsterdam, amongst others. American photographer Marcia Prentice traveled to each of the international cities to experience and present ‘the soul’ of a diverse selection of domestic spaces, revealing the unique spirit of each creative environment. The book includes homes shown in the context of both the pristine, more-established design cities as well as urban locales where economic disadvantage and strife impacts daily life. Each of the 18 featured homeowners provide a glimpse into their private, interior world to show us how the design and atmosphere created in one’s own home can be the ultimate artistic canvas.


Artists Living With Art Artists Living With Art

Artists Living with Art invites readers into the homes and personal art collections of some of the world’s most renowned contemporary artists, including Cindy Sherman, Helen and Brice Marden, Chuck Close, Rachel Feinstein and John Currin, Glenn Ligon, and Pat Steir. Here readers will find beautifully renovated lofts in SoHo, 19th-century Brooklyn brownstones, and a restored farmhouse in the Hudson River Valley, all filled with cherished artworks as well as objects, textiles, and ceramics set on display in artful and creative ways. Photographed by Oberto Gili, these gorgeous interiors will inspire readers to rethink the display of their own art and treasured possessions, whether it’s a perfectly placed painting or rocks found on a beach.


Inside the Artist's StudioInside the Artist’s Studio

What was your first artwork to receive recognition? What materials do you use, and how did they come into your practice? What advice would you give a young artist just starting out?

Joe Fig asked a wide range of celebrated artists these and many other questions during the illuminating studio visits documented in Inside the Artist’s Studio–the follow-up to his acclaimed 2009 book, Inside the Painter’s Studio. In this remarkable collection, twenty-four painters, video and mixed-media artists, sculptors, and photographers reveal highly idiosyncratic production tools and techniques, as well as quotidian habits and strategies for getting work done: the music they listen to; the hours they keep; and the relationships with gallerists and curators, friends, family, and fellow artists that sustain them outside the studio.


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