Meet this week’s featured artist, Jan Kirsh, member since 2013:

Jan KirshME: I am a landscape designer  and sculptor.  I grew up in New Jersey, on the outskirts of Philadelphia, and recall sculpting my first clay pot at the age of five. Later, I was introduced to gardening and landscape design while working for a garden center in Florida. As my career emerged, having trained in ceramics, sculpture, design and photography at Florida State University and The Corcoran School of Art, I turned first to landscape design, fulfilling a desire to work within nature’s parameters. But I never left my artistic endeavors behind, working with clay as time allowed. The advent of my sculpture venture in 2004 brought my creative career full circle. Visualizing and designing gardens informs my art; likewise, my origins as an artist enhance my garden designs. People come to me because they want the artistic viewpoint, because I create gardens as art, and art for the garden. I have lived on Maryland’s Eastern Shore for 35 years. My home near St. Michaels also houses my landscape design and sculpture studios.  Visit my website:

MY ART:  When I look closely at the natural forms around me, I am inspired to capture that vitality in my art. Like people and plants, my fruit and vegetable sculptures are alive with possibility. Their personalities are powerful. They want to jump up and run around the studio, or settle in for a quiet conversation. Sculpted in oil-based clay, the pieces are further refined, then cast, and ultimately fabricated in materials suitable for indoor or outdoor display. 3D technologies allow them to be made in bronze, resin, fiberglass, and stone – and in virtually any size.

Pear, Cast Bronze by Jan Kirsh
Pear, Cast Bronze by Jan Kirsch

My work reflects the intimate wonder of nature. It is about joy and expression. It is about relationships. I consider nature’s exuberance to be a partner in the process. I enjoy working with texture, color, and design both in my gardens and with my sculpture. I like to think that the scope of my work is like waves in the ocean, rolling into and out of the same creative source, sometimes taking a particular shape, but ultimately blending back together again.

MFA and ME:  I have been a member of MFA for just under two years. Joining MFA was long overdue, and I’m glad I did. I am finding that there are both terrific exhibition opportunities and chances to network with other regional artists and art professionals. The organization is opening doors and helping me find additional exposure for my sculpture.


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