We are starting a new blog series – every Thursday we will post something that inspires us in the hope that it will inspire you too!

New art inspires new ideas.
Ideas have the power to transform our understanding of what tomorrow can be.
Ideas can also inspire growth: the growth of our cities, our communities, and each individual who resides there.

Here’s our first Thoughtful Thursday!

This little comic about an Optical Illusion Exhibit hangs in the office at Circle Gallery. At this time of the year, many people are so stressed about holidays and gift giving that their heads just start spinning!


Optical illusions are a fun way to think about how the world isn’t always perfectly clear. Take a few minutes to watch the video below, full of optical illusions and artwork! Take your mind off of seasonal stress and get inspired! 

We want to know what inspires you! If you have an idea for a video/article/book/artwork that we can feature in a Thoughtful Thursday post, email it to info@mdfedart.org 


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