Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

What are your holiday decoration traditions? Do you create or buy a new ornament each year? Cover your house in tinsel and balloons for New Year’s Eve? Give someone a new work of art for their home?

My house gets filled up with Santa Claus and snowman statues. My mom receives a new one each year, and the floppy tube sock snowman I made with my girl scout troop in elementary school is relegated to the bathroom.

On a very different plane from tube sock snowmen, is the glory of storefront window displays during the holidays. This article talks about a some of the most elaborate. What’s the best window display that you have seen? The craftsmanship, planning, and artistry can make window shopping inspiring. Read on:



MFA’s Thoughtful Thursday blog series: every Thursday we will post something that inspires us in the hope that it will inspire you too!

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