Meet this week’s featured artist, Karen Fitzgerald, member since 2015:

ME: A mentor of mine once said that if I was meant to be a writer, I would fail at everything else. So these days, when people stumble upon me and my work, most often at the Torpedo Factory, and ask me how I came to call myself a sustainable atist, I tell them I failed my way into it. I wanted to be a physics professor and then a writer, someone who had the correct formulas and knew the workings of things. It took me over thirty years to figure out my passion involves playing with trash and making art that asks more questions than it answers.

MY ART: Many think of tin sculptures or found object art in general when I say I work with trash, so I often explain the process of my work as “making paint” by tearing things up, reducing them down to color and shape, and putting them back together again in ways that catch the eye and honor the recipient. My craft is basically to show up every day fascinated and move around bits of things normal people put in the garbage can or recycle bin to celebrate the little, seemingly trivial stuff that makes up our lives. It’s also my job to create in a way that promotes a healthier planet and people, and I don’t believe in the magical land of “away” where we absentmindedly throw our trash.

Tie it in Twine & Put a Lid on It by Karen Fitzgerald, made of Small Wonders exhibit postcards.

MFA and ME:  I joined the MFA just over a year ago and showed my first piece in the Winter Member Show. I keep coming back because the team is a joy to work with, and I feel as though they act as advocates for me and my work. Meeting other artists and admiring their work also makes life more colorful.

You can visit Karen’s website here:

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