Happy two month anniversary to the Thoughtful Thursday blog series!

This week we will harken back to our first Thoughtful Thursday, which featured a perspective and optical illusion video by band OK Go. They just released another video, this one titled “Upside Down & Inside Out,” which was filmed in an airplane in zero gravity. 

Upside Down & Inside Out by OK Go
Today most of the conversation with visitors in the gallery has been about the chilly weather! We are all feeling turned upside down and inside out with the weather changing it’s mind between warmth, freezing, snowing, and sunny. I think most of us are longing for spring, and feeling jealous of the MFA members who migrate south during winter.

Does the cold make you feel more creative, or less? If you paint plein air, we can’t imagine having fun outside right now. But if you have a warm and cozy studio, maybe it feels like a safe haven from outside. Circle Gallery has been a bit of a haven for some passerby (and dogs) today.

This video gets a little painterly and artistic. How do you think your art would turn out if it was painted in zero gravity? Would watermedia work the same? I hope this inspires you to have a thoughtful Thursday.

MFA’s Thoughtful Thursday blog series: every Thursday we will post something that inspires us in the hope that it will inspire you too!

We want to know what inspires you! If you have an idea for a video/article/book/artwork that we can feature in a Thoughtful Thursday post, email it to info@mdfedart.org


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