Meet this week’s featured artist, Mary Hawkins, member since 2014:

ME: Born and raised in northern Vermont I quickly developed a love for nature and the scenic mountains where I lived. As a child I remember getting my first camera and trudging through the woods looking for the best vantage point from which to photograph the spring run-off. In high school I began sketching animals and landscapes using charcoal and pastels. This eventually led to an extended study with Elver Barker at his studio in Denver, Colorado where I learned classic “Old Masters” techniques for oil painting. After living in many areas of the USA and even three years in Japan, I now call Maryland my home and have lived in Potomac for the past 26 years.


MY ART: I am very strongly drawn to water in my work. Perhaps it is the interplay between light and the water taking on the colors around it, reflecting, blurring and changing as it passes through the environment. It is always a challenge. Oil is definitely my preferred medium but I still enjoy using charcoal and pastels when the subject calls for it. The area surrounding Washington, from the coast to the swamps and mountains is a rich source of inspiration. Part of the fun is just moving through these areas in search of the next subject.

IMG_1634MFA and ME: MFA is a treasure for artists and for the community. The shows provide an opportunity for artists and art lovers to come together and find inspiration and support. MFA has provided a very welcoming and helpful environment. While I am still quite new to MFA, I look forward to getting more deeply involved in the coming years.


Spread the word about…YOU! Every week, we feature an MFA member for “Me & My Art Monday.” If you would like to be featured, please submit a photo and three paragraphs: one each about YOU, YOUR ART, and MFA & YOU totaling approximately 350 words, to


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