This week’s featured artist:   Cynthia Angeles, new member:

ME:  Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, I live and paint in Washington, DC.  I loved drawing as a child but concentrated on piano for many years until losing two beloved teachers to cancer. In my sadness and frustration, I took a multi-level art class. Painting has since become a passion. My piano is still tuned regularly but has, sadly, played second fiddle to my art.

I paint by the bay window of my apartment-cum-studio to take full advantage of the daylight. My art paraphernalia are an old aluminum easel, a collection of brushes in various containers, paper palettes, and tiny jars for my mediums and cleaning solvents. My dining table is covered with plastic and layers of newspapers to protect the wood and absorb the mess. Once the painting is dry, the table is cleared, the easel is dismantled, the brushes are cleaned, and everything is back to normal.


"Grief", oil on linen by Cynthia Angeles
“Grief”, oil by Cynthia Angeles

I work with oil, watercolor, charcoal, pastel, and ink, but oil is my favorite medium. Usually, I dip the brush directly on the paints rather than mix pigments on the palette to allow the colors to shine more brightly on the canvas.

My style is primarily representational with touches of impressionism, although I have ventured into abstraction in some pieces. My body of work features a wide range of themes including landscapes, portraits, and still-life, unified only by my brushwork style and use of vivid colors. Whether representational or abstract in style, they convey a mood or tell a story, reflecting my visual and emotional experiences. A face in the crowd, a scene from nature, a photo, or a disquieting piece of news can trigger an inspiration for a painting or drawing.

To view my art, here is the link:


I am a new member of Maryland Federation of Art. That it has many lovely venues and occasions to showcase artwork has appealed to me. MFA has also given me the opportunity to exhibit in art-friendly Annapolis.


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