As we count down to Paint Annapolis 2016, MFA will be featuring diffrent artists of the day to let you learn more about the people who are competing and exhibiting in Paint Annapolis.

Paint Annapolis 2016
Competition: May 30th through June 5th
Exhibition: June 5th through the 12th

Nikolay Mikushkin

Nikolay is a classically trained fine arts painter. He received his education from the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg, Russia.

MikushkinThe works of French Impressionists such as Monet, Sisley, as well as Vasily Polenov and Ilys Repin has highly influenced Mikushkin’s work and assisted int he development of his personal stye.

“I have always been driven and fascinated with the rural environment. From scouting and searching for the perfect location for my painting, to the rush of adrenaline when the weather would shift; I have not stopped painting for the last outdoors for the past thirty-five years.”

Mikushkin participated in numerous plein air competitions and exhibitions, painting across the country and overseas. is work is collected by local galleries and purchased for private and corporate collections.

Nikolay Mikushkin.jpg

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