Paint Annapolis 2016
Competition: May 30th through June 5th
Exhibition: June 5th through the 12th

Julie Riker

Camp Hill artist Julie Riker received her BFA from the University of The Arts. After graduation she worked on the restoration of the PA State Capitol for 6 years restoring original decorative finishes. In 1996 she started her own interior decorative painting business, specializing in murals, faux finishes, and handpainted decoration. She has painted in countless homes throughout the area as well as churches and businesses. In May of 2015 she participated in the Harrisburg Symphony Showhouse where she designed and painted surfaces in “The Artist’s Studio”.


When not working for a client, Julie enjoys painting outdoors. Many of her plein air paintings serve as inspiration for larger studio pieces, but some stand on their own as observations of the beauty and variety of nature.

She has participated in many competitions and has won several awards ­ most recently the Artist’s Choice Award for Paint Snow Hill 2016, and the Plein Air Magazine Award for Plein Air Wayne 2016. Her work can be seen on her website


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