Me & My Art Monday: Meet Becky and Kristen, your new MFA Fellows!

Did you know that MFA has a Fellowship program that is focused on supporting recent college graduates who are looking to work in Arts Management? Take a minute to get to know our newest MFA Fellows, Becky and Kristen!


ME: I am originally from Spring Grove, a small rural town in South Central Pennsylvania. Spending my childhood in a place where almost everyone is related, owns a John Deere, and gets a day off of school for the start of hunting season made for an interesting combination with being raised by native Baltimoreans. Needless to say, I have always been described as the “country boy” of the otherwise city family. I have recently graduated from Gettysburg College with a BA in Studio Art and Computer Science. It was while attending Gettysburg that I discovered an interest in arts management.

mouth - self portrait, linocut, Becky Weist
mouth – self portrait, linocut, Becky Wiest

MY ART: During my Studio Art program at Gettysburg, we were very much encouraged to explore all types of art media, rather than to choose one focus. During this time I found I could never wait the three centuries for my oils to dry, and every bowl I threw on the wheel somehow ended up on the wall. Fortunately I did find my niche when my professor fired up the welder and when I was given a tool to hack away at a linoleum block. Most importantly, I noticed all of my work had an illustrative feel. Moving forward, I wish to explore other media including watercolor, gouache, and digital painting. In an attempt to refine my style, I wish to explore the line between traditional fine art and illustration.

MFA & ME: I have just started working with MFA at the beginning of this month. What drew me to MFA was their commitment to living artists. One of my favorite assignments in school was to share a weekly artist of your choosing with the class, there was one rule though, they had to be living! I love that MFA puts this idea into practice. While only being here a few weeks it is abundantly clear how much they care about their members and supporting the growth of the art community.


KRISTEN MCCURDYMe & My Art Monday - Kristen

ME:  I grew up in Washington, D.C. with a wonderfully eclectic, diverse background and access to really great art. As a result, early on I developed a love of the arts community and eventually found myself gravitating toward working in the nonprofit world in an Arts Management capacity. I moved up to the Baltimore area for college, where I just completed a degree in English with a minor in Communications, which I think will serve me well as I work to get MFA’s message out to more artists throughout the state and beyond!

MY ART: As a non-artist, “my art” is the work that I love and have (slowly!) started to collect. I recently bought a home in the Federal Hill neighborhood in Baltimore, with my husband Nathan, and we’ve started finding pieces that we love to fill the different rooms. Some of my favorites are a small watercolor by Mary Whyte, a bas-relief by Amy Kann, and a beautifully rendered vintage map of Baltimore that my husband got me. I particularly love art that has a meaningful and compelling story, which is one of the things that drew me to MFA –since we work with living artists, all of the work that we see is inextricably linked to their own story.

6x9 watercolor by Mary Whyte
6×9 watercolor by Mary Whyte

MFA & ME: In addition to being drawn to the mission of MFA, I was particularly interested in coming on board specifically because of the Fellowship program that Becky and I are a part of. The MFA Fellowship’s dedication to developing the skill-sets needed to be effective in Arts Management is both incredibly interesting and incredibly hard to come by! I’m excited for the opportunity to learn a lot and get to be a part of what I can already tell is an awesome community.


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