It’s been a week since Collector’s Choice 2016, so now seems like the perfect time for a recap of all of our favorite moments from the event. If you made it out, relive the highlights with us – and if you couldn’t make it, now’s your chance to see what you missed!

After a flurry of activity, making sure the space, generously provided by Annapolis Volvo, was ready for Maryland’s newest art collectors, there were over 150 incredible pieces of artwork, all donated by MFA members, waiting for new homes!img_1710-1






The evening kicked off with the First Lady of Maryland, and long-time MFA member, Yumi Hogan selecting the first ticket. The first selection ended up going to none other than last year’s FINAL PICK!

2016 First Collector
That moment when you realize you went from last to first…
…and you’re taking home your absolute #1 pick!

After that rollicking start, the evening  rolled along at a fast clip, with artists taking home their favorite pieces left and right –

from pieces great…



to pieces small... 
to pieces small…

And everything in between!

img_7267 img_7208-copyimg_7251






We got to visit with 18 year old Harrison Reisinger, one of our youngest Collectors, who was at Collector’s Choice taking home his 10th piece!

Harrison was also one of our donating artists!
Harrison was also one of our donating artists!









The evening was coming to a close, it was time for our last pull of the night – and in celebration of their patience and good sportsmanship, the lucky pair took home a great piece of art and a nice bottle of bubbly… 






But the fun wasn’t over yet! We had raffles to give out and our master of ceremonies, WTMD’s Alex Cortright, invited a special guest to help pull the raffle winners.img_7279 Gracie, one of our hardest working…and smallest…volunteers took center stage and helped give out prizes from Historic Inns of Annapolis, Cezanne Jewelry, Paul’s Homewood Cafe and more. The final raffle was to take home a piece created by the students of the Stanton Center Art Camp, sponsored annually by MFA. It is always a crowd favorite. Gracie was stunned to pull her own name to take home her favorite piece of the evening!

And just like that, the evening wound to a close! Whether you made it this year or not, we hope to see you next year…same time, same place – make sure we’re on your calendar. The future for great art looks bright!


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