Art on Paper opens soon, and to get you ready we’d like to introduce some paper inspiration and something just to think about.

So check this out:


Yulia Brodskaya is a Russian artist living in the UK who creates these fascinating illustrations using only glue and paper folded and cut to create intricate, vibrant, three-dimensional pieces of art.


Her pieces use a diverse array of colors to make pieces jump off the page. Like this one featured above, apart of her Gem Collection titled “Amethyst”, where she experimented  with mixing in colors in the same way that artists mix paint.


Her favorite subject: flowers.


The time and detail she puts into every piece is amazing. The process can take weeks worth of hours just to finish one piece. But why use paper? A better question might be why not use paper. Her pieces capture just as much emotion and character as if they had been done with paint on canvas. Her use of paper is fantastic, and her subject mater is stunning.

To read more about Yulia’s process, check out her blog here! 

Or watch this cool video done that shows her process and gives a timeless of one of her pieces coming to life!

Would you put this much effort and time into what you create? Do you put this much effort into your art? 


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