Getting ready for Art on Paper this year? This all-paper show has been a popular MFA exhibit for years now and to help jump start your entry take some inspiration from one of our favorite paper artists: Charles Young.

So check this out.




In 2014 Charles Young started Paperholm, a daily paper-only project on his tumblr page which has developed into a whole paper world complete with ferris wheels, construction robots , giant dinosaurs, and spinning pineapples. No matter how complicated, he only allows himself one day to create a structure, from design to upload.


Each piece is constructed only of 200gsm watercolour paper and PVA glue which allows for rapid construction and exploration of diverse areas of architecture, pushing the possibilities of this single material.

All of his pieces have a whimsy to them while also being so simple.

His latest posts have included letter buildings with tiny cars-


and this amazing piece-


He has also finally put his world together, featuring all 635 of his structures, into one big island.


A reminder though: Charles’s pieces are extremely cool, and are made of paper, but these .gifs would not be eligible for submission because they required computer software. So take inspiration from these pieces, but read our prospectus for exact information about entering!

For more information about Charles Young and his paper world and all 600+ of his pieces, follow the link here to his tumblr or click here to see an article done by This is Colossal.

Remember to enter Art on Paper by January 17th!





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