And now another piece of inspiration for those of you preparing your entries for Art on Paper!
If you’ve spent any time on the internet in the last few months, you might have already stumbled across the work of Chinese paper artist, Li Hongbo. He is a sculptor whose work is rooted in the traditions of both classical sculpture and paper art. Hongbo’s pieces start like this:bust-1

But with a quick flick of the wrist end up like this:



Hongbo uses an ancient honeycombing technique to create kinetic paper sculptures that at first-glance look staid but with a a simple pull unravel layers of intricate craftsmanship. Hongbo’s infatuation with paper began in a previous career as a book editor and carried over into his work as an artist, where he’s now exhibiting his work in galleries and museums around the world. He’s constantly trying to challenge the viewer’s expectations and perceptions of visual communication. The results are pieces that delight, intrigue, and (if we’re totally honest) make our insides squirm just a little bit. Check out a couple of his pieces in action…

Li Hongboli-hongbo-gif-2

You can find out more about Li Hongbo, represented by Klein Sun Gallery, here. Let us know what you think of Hongbo’s work – we’d love to hear from you!



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