We’re thinking about Stormy Weather this week, as we close out the year, with just a few days left for entry to one of our favorite shows at the Annapolis Maritime Museum! Thus, we were particularly struck by the unique images of Nick Steinberg’s exploration of fog in San Francisco and how this dynamic weather element shifts and changes the landscape and, by extension, Nick’s artwork.


On the captivating nature of this weather phenomenon, in an interview with ARCHatlas, Nick writes:

I have been absolutely obsessed with the fog. Night and day it’s what I live for and what defines my photographic style. I check the cams, satellites, and other forecasts to always be able to just get up and go. We even have a small group of about 20 of us known as, “Fogaholics” where we keep each other updated all the time as soon as we see it roll in.


Amazingly, all of Nick’s pieces are produced without any kind of manipulation – he is purely inspired by and creates with his surroundings. Is there something like that which inspires you too? if you’re a fog, rain, snow, or other precipitation-aholic show us with your work in Stormy Weather – you have until tomorrow!



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