The most creative people you know can also seem like the happiest people, right?

According to a new University of Otago study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, the path to a happier state of mind requires you get creative ― quite literally, and just once a day.

“Sunset on the Pacific” by William Skip Boyd

The study suggests that people who do at least one creative activity a day end up being happier. After 13 days, psychologists in the study tracked what they described as an “upward spiral for wellbeing and creativity” for those who partook in daily creative tasks. According to the study, getting artistic yields a major boost in “PA”, or “positive affect,” that takes hold the following day.

“upward spiral for wellbeing and creativity”

The psychologists made clear that creative tasks don’t have to be difficult. Most of the subjects did smaller activities; like coloring, singing, knitting, and designing. The most important part the phycologists tried to express was that this happiness continues so long as you’re working on this every day.

“Berthed on a Shimmering Carpet” by cynthia lou rosen

You don’t have to be Picasso to be happy! Pick up a pencil and start doodling, or keep singing in your shower, dancing in the kitchen, and being creatively mindful: happiness is sure to follow.

Read more about this study here!

All pieces are from The 2017 Winter Member Show at MFA. 



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