March 2nd through the 9th is National Sleep Awareness Week and to help you get in the mood we’ve assembled a set of the most restful and calming images that have passed through our gallery. Enjoy!

Isn’t this just calming…

“Sunset on the Pacific” by William Skip Boyd

That gradual change is color is like my gradual change in yawning…

“Evening in Yosemite” by Mary EllenHackett

The northern lights have magical sleep properties, you know…

“Reykholt Northern Lights” by Ed Palaszynski

Imagine going to a show and stepping out into a street lamp road filled with soft honks from far away cars and the sound of crickets chirping in the summer breeze…

“Waiting for the Pametto” by Michael Kotatba

Or just grab a bench and crash like this guy…

“Dream in Blue” by Emil Thomas Petruncio

The gentle flow of a calming stream is emulated everywhere in nature…

“Flow” by Wil Scott

A peak through the clouds gives us a soft glimpse of the mountain. Try not to yawn at its majesty… 

“Through the Clouds” Ronald Jeffery Saunders

Wrap yourself in a calm bay of warm air and enjoy a spin on a slow-moving Ferris wheel…

“Tranquil River” by Addison Newton Linkins

Just sit back, relax, and let the easy music take you away to dreamland…

“Must’ve Been a Lullaby” by Kate Stillwell

Now go get some sleep.


3 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday: 10 Images to Help You Get Some Rest

  1. wow it worked ! I actually yawned when I was finished. Oh… could also be that it’s because it is 10:15 and I just came out of the studio getting ready for Melange II ! But I enjoyed the artwork. Chris Kelsey


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