We’re excited to present the 30 juried artists for Paint Annapolis 2017! Come see them paint June 4th-11th around Annapolis and the greater Anne Arundel County area. 

Cynthia Rosen, a graduate of the Boston Museum School, started out as a nonobjective artist sending her mixed medium work to several galleries within the USA, including Ellen Sragow, LDT in NYC and Gross McCleaf in Philadelphia. After a hiatus taken to raise her family, she has since returned to making art, but this time focused on interpreting the world around her.

“While some of these skills are as basic and complex as the quality usage of color, they extend to my desire to portray the ephemeral nature of life. Standing upon how the 20th and 21st centuries have altered our perception of time, I strive to engage the viewer to see the world about them as both continuous moments and movements and to find joy in the passages, or in more tangible terms, colors.”

Cynthia Rosen

While painting with traditional medium primarily in the time-honored practice of painting outside (Plein Air) Cynthia brings her own twist and in a unique non-traditional impressionist style interprets the movements of color, space and time in any given environment. Her evocative, primarily palette knife work has caught the eye of many and as a result, the invitations have begun arriving.

While painting Plein air may set the stage for her engaging landscapes and a recent foray into the world of juried events, her studio has become host to a recent exploration of the human form.

“For me, as I travel about, the challenges are infinite. Whether it is changing light, the lay of the land and varied climates, the natural vs manufactured sites, I find I respond to different locations and subjects in different ways and will allow those changes to prosper rather than dictate how the product will look as that is part of the interest and excitement of what I garner from the individual locations and what I can bring to the viewer. This is the path that guides me.”

She has been called the Lewis Carroll of Plein air painting; keep watch for wonders as she further hones her skills.

Piece by Cynthia Rosen
Piece by Cynthia Rosen

What’s your favorite color?

“yellow, the sun is always shining!”

What’s the most interesting place you’ve lived?

“New York City was and has always been fascinating to me. I lived in a loft in Soho when it was still truckers alley. My dog and I used to walk everywhere, be it 10 blocks or 60 blocks going through such a variety of neighborhoods it was always fascinating. Finding the most fabulous food and music in ‘holes in the wall’ makes it truly special. Another interesting place was a tiny fishing island in northern Norway where I spent a summer when I was 24.”

What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

“The most daring thing I have ever done, given my major fear of heights, was to climb the Coba Mayan ruin. I climbed up before I realized just how high it was. The worst part was coming down the steep and uneven steps given this newfound realization.”

Paint Annapolis is on the way! Check out more about the artists, the events, and the art by clicking here! Join us in Annapolis, MD from June 4th-11th for art, wine, and food during the Annapolis Arts Week!


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