We’re excited to present the 30 juried artists for Paint Annapolis 2017! Come see them paint June 4th-11th around Annapolis and the greater Anne Arundel County area. 

An accomplished watercolor artist, Marilyn Rose is a signature member of many art organizations including the Catharine Lorillard Wolf Art Club, The Northeast Watercolor Club, The New Jersey Water Color Society and the Baltimore Watercolor Society.

Marilyn Rose

Originally, from Chicago, Marilyn holds a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis, where she was a Fred Conway Scholar. She spent many years in the world of graphic design, creating books, magazine and corporate identity campaigns before returning to the world of fine arts.

Marilyn has won major awards in international juried shows and Plein air events and was selected as an artist in residence for New York’s Bryant Park Corporation in both 2014 and 2016. In 2016 she was selected to travel to Israel to participate in the DesArad art exchange and the work that she completed there is part of a traveling exhibit.

Plein air is her passion, and critics often comment on her unique ability to portray the pulse of a place and the people who inhabit it. She teaches regular classes at the Art School at the Old Church in Demarest, NJ and gives workshops and demonstrations on the East Coast.

Piece by Marilyn Rose
Piece by Marilyn Rose

Marilyn often speaks to students about the creative process:  how to censor their own critical voices, make choices, cede control, and take risks that help them to integrate the things they have learned from successes as well as failures. There is nothing more rewarding to her than to watch a student transported by the process and fall in love with art making.

What’s your favorite color?

All of them

What’s the most interesting place you’ve lived?

NYC, right out of college… when Hell’s Kitchen deserved it’s name

What’s your (non art) hidden talent?

I did volunteer clowning for many years, entertaining children and the elderly in hospitals and nursing homes. I am also a writer, and am working on a book of personal essays… several of which have been published.

Paint Annapolis is on the way! Check out more about the artists, the events, and the art by clicking here! Join us in Annapolis, MD from June 4th-11th for art, wine, and food during the Annapolis Arts Week!


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