We’re excited to present the 30 juried artists for Paint Annapolis 2017! Come see them paint June 4th-11th around Annapolis and the greater Anne Arundel County area. 

Melissa Gryder was born and raised Frederick, Maryland. She explored the deep beauty of the Appalachian Mountains during her time at Frostburg State University where she received her BFA. After a summer study at Oxford, she went on to marry a US Navy Pilot and lived and traveled all over the country. Melissa was excited to return to Maryland when her husband decided to teach at the US Naval Academy in 2004. 

Melissa Gryder

Melissa still lives in Annapolis with her husband and two children.  She has been included in numerous exhibits, including national juried and museum shows.  She is a member of the Portrait Society of America, Oil Painters of America, the Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association, and is currently a board member of the Maryland Society of Portrait Painters.  

Piece by Melissa Gryder
Piece by Melissa Gryder

What favorite/interesting places have you travelled to?

I spent a summer in England studying Watercolor at Oxford University and spent my days traveling the English countryside plein air painting. I felt like I was living in a fairy tale.
What’s your favorite color?
As a colorist, I can’t choose one color as my favorite. I fall in love with the variances of whatever I am painting at the time.
Do you have any pets?
We have a puppy named Kipper and a Persian cat named Pepper.

Paint Annapolis is on the way! Check out more about the artists, the events, and the art by clicking here! Join us in Annapolis, MD from June 4th-11th for art, wine, and food during the Annapolis Arts Week!

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