Small Wonders is currently open for entry, which is getting us pumped about small art.

Yes, a wall-sized canvas slathered in every color of the rainbow is amazing but what about something like this?

Artist and photographer Derrick Lin captures the minutiae of everyday office life across landscapes of notebooks, paper clips, and coffee mugs populated with tiny figures. Working only with his iPhone, desk lighting, and a broad array of miniatures, Lin creates a visual commentary on office life as well as recreations of popular artworks or scenes of escape. Many of his photos have been collected into an upcoming book titled Work, Figuratively Speaking: The Big Setbacks and Little Victories of Office Life.

There’s such a magical quality to look down on a piece, seeing all the details, and every piece of color or texture means something greater than it would on a ceiling sized piece.

The comedy of Lin’s art, or the whimsicality of it, is great inspiration for what you could be producing for Small Wonders. With only paper, pencils, and a camera his art demonstrate the power of small.

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