Have you ever wanted to get a tattoo and save the art and humanities?

Well, now you can! Thanks to Ink for the Arts, a project by Cuseum, you can now decorate yourself in non-permanent righteous activism. They’re selling really cool tattoos online for only a dollar, and every dollar (minus shipping and handling) goes straight to some of the most financially unstable arts and museum organizations currently out there. Places like National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, CPB, and the Institute of Museum Libraries and Services; all of which could be on the fiscal chopping block.

For just a dollar you can help keep these American institutions afloat, institutions that help organizations like MFA; plus you get some sweet arm candy while you at it. Check out the

Check out the full collection of tattoos here and to get one for yourself, your children, your office, and your pets. #ArtForLife


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