Ever wished you could instantly summon a pizza, no awkward phonecall required? How about having a custom pair of shoes at the push of a button? Guess what, guys: I think we’re finally living in the future.

Piece by Nick Ervinck

Thanks to 3D printing, all you need to build tangible objects is a machine and some material: zero skill required to make everything from cars to ears.

Check out this video to see 17 amazing 3D printed objects. 

But what does taking the craftsmanship out of the craft mean? Can we say one is superior? Probably not since that pizza is gonna be hot and ready no matter what kind of machine it came out of. I think we’d like to be able to say that a handmade object has more soul than one printed. We like to think friendship bracelets mean more when they’re made by the friend instead of bought. Things made with a printer can, however, be far more complex and much safer and easier to make (think battery making or building houses).

Here the moral dilemma is not for the artist to solve, it’s for them to create the dilemma. Do you think 3D printing is an art? Let us know in the comments below!

Hope this gives some of you some inspiration for your Focal Point submissions, which should be submitted to MFA by Nov 14, 2017.


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