Happy Thanksgiving! From the MFA family to yours, here are 10 things we’re thankful for this season:

1. When the Keurig machine is ready to go when you get into the office.


2. A freshly flipped calendar, free of date changes and marker smudges.


3. Dogs. In. The. Gallery



4. When a piece is exactly a square so you know it’s gonna look good on Insta.


5. When we can solve someone’s problem over the phone.


6. Meeting a new artist that just moved into town and really wants to devote themselves to the Annapolis art’s community.


7. Knowing you don’t have to pack a lunch because of all the leftovers from the reception last night.


8. When children come in and get very excited about a piece. Or very excited about the balloons.


9. More. Dogs. In. The. Gallery.


10. Turning the lights off and feeling like you made the art world better today.


What are 10 things you’re thankful for during this season? We hope you have a fun and festive day with those you love.

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