Happy Thursday, artists (or if you’re more like me, wanna be artists).

Art on Paper closes for entry soon, and one of the types of art I feel the show always lacks in submissions is origami art, which is funny because back in grade school that was really the only art I was good at (that and making those weird S shape drawings in the margins of my textbooks).

In honor of Art on Paper (and my love of paper cranes) here are 5 origami tutorials you can do at your desk:

1. A very easy (and pretty) butterfly.


Make a bunch of these and take them around your desk to beautify your space a little!

2. A simple boat.


Leave this one in the office kitchen to brighten someone else’s day.

3. A mouse (yes, the instructions are in Japanese)


Paper folding is a universal language.

4. A winter rose.


It’s a little complicated, but think about how pretty this will make your desk; you could even build yourself a bouquet ❤

5. The classic paper crane.


Nothing can replace the OG.

Hope this relived some stress, calmed those midday coffee jitters, and generally made your day at the office a little better. Don’t forget to enter Art on Paper before January 16, and happy crafting!


From, Intern Martha


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