To prepare for Maryland Federation of Art’s 2018 Paint Annapolis event, David Diaz, a local artist, clues us into what Plein Air painting entails. Click here to watch the video!

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Watch the video using this link!

Social media can seem like a menacing, popularity contest at first. I’m here to give some tips on how you can turn your perspective of social media from ‘big and scary’ to ‘a wonderful tool-kit’. You might not realize it, but since you’ve clicked on this article, you’ve taken a big step to further your career as an artist in 2018. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Now, I want to put emphasis on plein air since I think it will boost your social media presence more than studio work. However, these tips work for all sorts of online marketing, so don’t shy away from them.

Plein air challenges technique, which is a ‘Behind-The-Scenes’ that others would definitely be interested in.

Lately, videos and pictures of creating slime, extracting blackheads, and 30-second makeup tutorials have gone viral. This is because people want to see a process, along with the satisfaction of end results. What I’m trying to get at is your interpretation of the world as an artist is interesting, and should be shared

Have you considered vlogging while you painted, then sped up the video? This is a great way to post on Youtube and Instagram. Both platforms offer videos that people love to stumble upon and binge watch for hours.

Poppy Balser, one of our Paint Annapolis Painters for 2018, said, “I paint en plein air as often as possible. Painting outside on location helps me to examine and explore my subjects closely. With my plein air sketches for reference in the studio, I make larger, more deliberate works. I paint things as I see them, making fresh and spontaneous paintings which glow with quiet luminous color.”

The 80-20 Tip Coincides With Plein Air

You have amazing artwork? Great! You have no one who wants to look at it? Oh no! This problem is prevalent among those who use the internet. You can push out good content, but without the audience, it won’t sell.

80 percent entertaining, 20 percent promotional; this is how you construct a good social media presence. Ask yourself, and look at your website- how much of what you do is selling yourself, versus how much of what you do is interacting with your audience? Always try to leave comments on your follower’s social media, and think about how you could ‘entertain’ them. Entertaining could mean posting a Tips&Tricks article, it could mean getting Promo codes your audience can use. Plein air works well with this rule because of the engagement between viewer, the artwork, and setting. You can promote your art while engaging the audience in how you made it and where you made it.

#Hashtag Your Way To Popularity

Using the appropriate hashtags will pull the audience your way, rather than you always going out and pushing yourself onto others (for a Hashtag generator, click here). Think of hashtags as connecting links between post content. Something you should aim to do with your social media is never to disrupt a person but enhance the person’s scroll. Ask yourself, in what ways can you change your content to interest a person from their previous experiences?

Think about plein air; you are going to a place and painting outdoors. Well, if you hashtag the place, tag the place, etc. then others who are looking for pictures will be drawn to your artistic interpretation of it. For example, The Big Cheese in Annapolis, Maryland is one of my favorite sandwich shops. Maybe I’m hungry, or maybe I want to show other’s the place, so if I did #bigcheese #annapolis then I will find any picture with the same hashtags. It would warm my heart to see a painter do something with that building. Once someone is drawn to one of your posts, they’ll skip around your profile to see other things like it.

Are you excited for Paint Annapolis like I am? Be sure to use these tips throughout Paint Annapolis and boost your social media presence! If you like posts like this, give this post a like!




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