The truth is out there.

"On Mars" by Jack Lee, collage (SW17)
On Mars by Jack Lee (collage)

Space, the final frontier, or the greatest place for artistic inspiration. Monday we celebrate the day where we look into the sky and wonder what could be looking back at us. Each plant hiding possible new microbes (looking at you, Saturn), each comet really a shuttle shading intelligent life – a whole cosmos of possibilities gliding above us all the time. How could we not be looking for aliens every day!?

I recently had a conversation with someone about what the universal anxiety is that all anxieties stem from (excuse my philosophy degree), and their answer was the unknown. Space is the greatest embodiment of the unknown for me. There’s so much, well, space that it’s hard not to wonder what could be out there just hiding behind a comet or lurking in a black hole.

"Ground Control to Major Tom" by Sheila White Guevin, abstract digital photograh (SM17)
Ground Control to Major Tom by Sheila White Guevin (abstract digital photograph)

For some reason though, I don’t feel uncomfortable looking into the sky thinking that there’s something else out there. I’m more comfortable saying that we’re not just riding a massive piece of dirt around the universe at 67,000 miles an hour with nothing to do but twiddle our thumbs, but that we are on this great cosmic hunt for friends.

Space and the future are a great places to look for artistic inspiration, after all there’s thousands of books written about space, many of which are very bad, and yet the genre hasn’t even come close to being exhausted.

"A Space Elevator for Tintin" by Anna Fine Foer, collage (AoP17)
A Space Elevator for Tintin by Anna Fine Foer (collage)

Let’s celebrate this day by watching The X-Files, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, and celebrating the unknown that surrounds us eternally.


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