Wondering who won the awards for American Landscapes?

Juror Joann Moser worked long and hard selecting her top picks! The decision was difficult, but she was able to pull together her favorites.

“If beauty alone had been the primary criterion for selecting works of art for this exhibition, the task would have been even more challenging than it was. So many of the entries were beautiful in the traditional sense of the word that this consideration became secondary to other factors.  Among the many exquisite views of breathtaking landscapes, I favored images that said or implied something meaningful about the landscape. The mundane ordinariness of traffic on a freeway heading into a glorious sunset, the power and elegance of a bridge abutted to a rocky mountainside, a single small figure on a ledge of the Grand Canyon, all made me want to keep looking at the scene and contemplate its meaning.

With abstract works of art, I looked for compositions that stimulated my imagination to consider landscape from a non literal point of view.  A shape that suggested a map with topographical features intrigued me. The energy of bright red curves over a subdued background conveyed the sense of freedom and emotional release that one often feels in a landscape. The unseen layers of earth beneath a house have little to do with visual reality but instead emerged strictly from the artist’s imagination.

As a curator, I always think of the final exhibition. I wanted to represent the broad spectrum of landscape possibilities:  urban and rural, dramatic and serene, magnificent and mundane, abstract and detailed, with figures and without. I saw themes that emerged and juxtapositions that complemented each other. I wanted to include as many techniques and styles as I could while still maintaining the high standards and cohesion I wished to preserve.” – Joann Moser’s Juror’s Statement.



Juror’s Choice: 

Title: Midgley Bridge
Media: Watercolor
Size: 21″W x 28″H
Price: $2500
Artist: Barbara Jane Brower
Annapolis, MD


Juror’s Choice:

Title: Washington DC by Memory (2017)
Media: Ink on paper
Size: 50″W x 38″H
Price: $1000
Artist: Irene N Pantelis
Chevy Chase, MD



Juror’s Choice:

Title: Recess at Freeman School, Beatrice, Nebraska
Media: Paper construction: layered and folded (origami) Japanese washi papers
Size: 25″W x 21″H x 2″D
Price: $2100
Artist: Linda Stephen
Lincoln, NE


Honorable Mention: 

Title: Pier To Nowhere
Media: Photographic Print
Size: 24″W x 16″H
Price: $700
Artist: Harold Ashby
Sarasota, FL


Honorable Mention: 

Title: Hidden Homestead, Palouse
Media: Photograph
Size: 20″W x 17″H
Price: $195
Artist: Wayne W. Guenther
Springfield, VA


Honorable Mention: 

Title: Sunset, Lewes Marshland
Media: acrylic on paper
Size: 26″W x 18″H
Price: $1500
Artist: Claudia Ann Minicozzi
Washington, DC


Honorable Mention: 

Title: Time Spent with Trees
Media: Digital Fiber Collage Mixed Media
Size: 12″W x 12″H
Price: $625
Artist: Wen Redmond
Strafford, NH

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