What inspires you? For many, it’s the arts themselves; music, paint, theater, all of which releases into creative expression. Whether it’s the result of inspiration or a depiction of the inspiration itself, we want you to submit to Visual Harmony!

Juried by the First Lady and MFA Member Yumi Hogan, exhibited in MHCA Chaney and Martino Galleries, Visual Harmony is the exhibition to enter! This is the chance of a lifetime to exhibit in a grand, open space and have the honor of the First Lady of Maryland select your piece. This is a new exhibition, so those selected are determining the standards of excellence for years to come. Don’t wait, submit now before the deadline this Friday, November 10th!

First, let’s talk about what Harmony even is.

Harmony is an interesting word and is often used synonymously with Concord. Concord has more connotation with human beings and groups of people, whereas harmony has background with the arts themselves.

Completeness, symmetry, fulfillment, proportion all come to mind when I think of a visual harmony.

I think artists have a natural tendency towards visual harmony, which is why they artistically express themselves. This should make for an easy submission to this show.

Let’s explore some examples of what I think could be entered into Visual Harmony. These are not limiting examples, but ideas for inspiration.

The Bathers by Jennifer Wilkinson Rynbrandt
Fandango by Anita L Ewing
Studio Floor (Late Nights) by Samantha Haring
Inside Out by Erin Minckley Chlaghmo 

I am not jurying the show, but these are a couple examples of things that speak harmony and inspiration to me, personally.

Show us your own twist on what you think visual harmony looks like by submitting by November 10th!


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