Congrats to all of the artists involved with Focal Point this year! This show has been a huge success and we hope you all have had an enjoyable experience being a part of this cutting edge exhibition. Cash awards for this show totaled $1,000. See the whole show online now – or stop in by February 23rd.

Now announcing the 2019 Focal Point Exhibition awardees:


Honorable Mentions

Julius Kassovic, Lithic II

"Lithic II" by Julius Kassovic.jpg

Brooke Shaden, Willow

"Willow" by Brooke Shaden.jpg

Sarah Hood Solomon, Hallways and Openings

"Hallways and Openings" by Sarah Hood Salomon.jpg


Juror’s Choices

Tyler Mitchell, Winter is Coming

"Winter is Coming" by Tyler Mitchell.jpg

Bruce Blum, Good Morning Sunshine

"Good Morning Sunshine" by Bruce Blum.jpg

Melinda K. P. Stees, Eclipse

"Eclipse" by Melinda K.P. Stees.jpg

See the whole show by clicking here!

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