Paint Annapolis 2019: Dueling Brushes

Paint Annapolis 2019


This morning paint flew in the quickdraw event Dueling Brushes! Our juried and public artists did an amazing job making beautiful pieces on the fly. See the winners listed below:

img_1119-1.jpg2019 Juried Artists:


First Place: Mat Barber Kennedy

Second Place: D. K.  Palecek

Third Place: Jeff Williams

Group A

First Place: Maggii Saffarty

Second Place: Zhaobo Li

Third Place: Deborah Cole

Group B

First Place: Amanda Milliner

Second Place: Rebecca Wilson


Third Place: Brooke Rasavage

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the week!

People’s Choice Award (A Three Way Tie!)

Kathleen Grey Farthing

Ronaldo Dorado

Mat Barber Kennedy

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