One Major Shindig: Paint Annapolis 2019 Awards and Results

If the Academy Awards was a bit smaller and focused on plein-air painting in Annapolis, Maryland, then last night’s Collector’s Reception would have been the equivalent. Check out the award winners below:


The Nocturne: 

1st Place Juried: Julie Riker

2nd Place Juried: John Slijak

3rd Place Juried: Marilyn Rose


1st Place Public: Jane Knighton

2nd Place Public: Blandine Broomfield

3rd Place Public: Magii Safarty


Juried Overall by Juror Larry Moore

1st Place: Lon Brauer, Mighty Terrapin

2nd Place: Christa Pisano, Harbor from National Academy

3rd Place: Charles Newman, Skipjack

Harbor to Harbor Award

Alison Leigh Menke, Where’s my Boat?

Naval Academy Award

Stewart White, Canon in the Shade

Ardis Diaz Best use of Light Award

John Slivjak, Clearing Skies

Honorable Mention

Jacalyn Beam, 30 Something

Cynthia Rosen, Chapel Dome

Jeff Williams, 6th Street Bridge

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