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Sometimes I fawn over certain design elements for a period of time, and it’s completely the fault of the gallery. Sometimes new pieces of artwork come in, and they strike a chord with me. I develop a theme in my head, I curate my own mental show, and then it’s all I can think about.

How dare MFA cause such a disturbance in my life, to where all I could pick out for a month at the mall were blue tops, blue earrings, blue shoes. Blueberry yogurt tasted sweeter for some reason.

Or occasionally I’ll fall in love with a design; triangles on everything! Triangular fridge magnets, triangular design on my notebooks, triangles on my bed comforter.

What I’ve been on about for a hot minute now is the color pink. So I decided to create this post dedicated to appreciating the many ways pink shows up in artwork.


Ghost Town Rhyolite by William Edwards (Digital photograph and print)
Pink Landscape by Kimberley Bursic (collage, acrylic on paper)
Whole In by Chris Taylor (acrylic on panel)
High Street Pinks by JoEllen Murphy (Pastel)
Village by April Dawn Parker (Gouache)
Carnival Glass by Jacquelyn J Dinora (Watercolor)

I’ll probably become smitten with a different theme next week, so keep an eye out for the next Thoughtful Thursday!

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