MFA @ Ocean City and American Landscapes Awards Sept 9th, 2019

Over the weekend was the MFA @ Ocean City reception, and yesterday night we had the American Landscapes reception! Thank you to everyone who came out to support the artists and see some great artwork. In this blog post, we want to share the results of the exhibitions.

American Landscapes

Juror’s Choice: Linda Agar-Hendrix “Salt Flat Temporary Stream” (digital photography).


Salt Flat Temporary Stream by Linda Agar-Hendrix


Juror’s Choice: David Diaz “Still Standing” (oil)


Still Standing by David Diaz


Juror’s Choice: Jenny Johnson “Desolation” (watercolor)


Desolation by Jenny Johnson


Juror’s Choice: Kathleen Gilbert Kotarba “Legacy” (oil)


Legacy by Kathleen Gilbert Kotarba


Juror’s Choice: Ellen V. Winkler “Overhang, Etchison Warfield” (oil on board)


Overhang, Etchison Warfield by Ellen V. Winkler



MFA @ Ocean City

Juror’s Choice: Kathleen Gibson, “Ground Control to Major Tom”
Ground Control to Major Tom by Kathleen Gibson
Juror’s Choice: Christopher Fowler, “Wherever you can…”
Wherever you can… by Christopher Fowler
Juror’s Choice: Amy Healey, “Side of the Tracks, Amelia Island”
Side of the Tracks, Amelia Island by Amy Healey
Juror’s Choice: Joseph Bellofatto, “Fidelity”
Fidelity by Joseph Bellofatto
Juror’s Choice: Dean Peterson, “Remains of the Day”
Remains of the Day by Dean Peterson

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