Congratulations to the ten artists who received awards for their pieces in this year’s Fall Member Show! Click here to see the whole show.

Honorable Mentions


Blue Herron Struggling to Survive, digital media print, by John T. Hanou


Series 2 Circle Grid Black, hand-pulled print from collagraph plate on Stonehenge paper, cut, manipulated, by Rebecca Knoll


Somewhere Over the Rainbow, raw digital photograph (not Photoshop), by Tyler Andrew Mitchell


Vermeer\’s Delft and the Magic Kingdom, oil painting, by Guy Munsch


Serene Hong Kong, archival digital photo print, by Allen E Neyman


The Shape of Things To Come, graphite powder and pencil, Sue Dominique Vargo

Juror’s Choices


Montgomery County Fair, August Evening, archival digital photograph, Lee Martin Goodwin


Angled, pencil drawing on paper, Guy Terry Kuhn


Elbow Room, elbow macaroni, spaghetti and other pasta, Rodney Kyle Mayer

Tilghman Award


Bill’s Toy Shelf, colored pencil on Duralar, Mary Ellen Geissenhainer

Conley 3D Award

Autumnal, Rusted bicycle & lawn mower parts, lamp base fragment (3-D pedestal sculpture), Mary Opasik


(Cash Awards total $500 plus the Tilghman Award for excellence of work and a $50 Conley Award for 3-D work, funded and selected by Suzi and Rob Conley)

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