This is the first Thoughtful Thursday I’ve done in a while, although on the side of everything I do for MFA I’m always thinking of cool topics. Like the original idea I had for this post was about these cool Russian paintings called Palekh miniatures which are pieces of beautiful folk art. They were originally less ornate and usually depicted icons but started to cover other subjects over the years, like fairy tales and real life events, and became far more intricate. It was gonna be great and super well researched, and I try and time my articles with whatever show we have in one of our galleries (Small Wonders for this one, duh).


And as cool as all my work into that would have been I always feel like there’s a stumbling block right before I can finish anything. My stumbling block for today is that I’ve had a fever on and off since Sunday and I’m so tired I can’t move.

I’m a senior in college so it’s not absurd that I’m facing some burnout (and mine always come with a long delayed illness), and for those of you that know me or have stopped to chat on Saturdays with the little brunet with glasses and her nose pressed to the computer glass, you know I’ve been working on a lot of stuff for school but there’s some probably more important things that I haven’t been working on – life after school and myself.

Friends have told me before that I pick up activities as a way of not having to deal with myself or the future but for me there’s never been another option than doing more. Aren’t the things I’m doing now going to pad my future, give me experience, something more on my resume, make me happy till the future? My career services counselor has always been impressed with the amount of things I can put on my resume, so why do I feel so unprepared?

Thoughtful Thursdays were created by a former MFA fellow and someone I really look up to, and their goal for these articles was always to just give a little nibble of something to think on, but this is the only thing I can think about. The world is gapping wide in front of me and I just need more time.


So what’s the solution to burnout? Pick a new creative thing to do? Doesn’t that eventually cause stress at having to get good, and how do you pick one when everyone else is already doing everything for that craft? Maybe take a few days off? I’ve already had a week off and the work is piling up and, you guessed it, causing more stress.

My solution for the here and now was to download Tetris for my phone and I must say it’s certainly occupying my eyeballs.

~Intern Martha

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