Thoughtful Thursday: Birthday Thoughts

Well, yesterday was my birthday! Shout out to all the April Fool’s babies out there! As one can guess, I’ve had my fair share of interesting, surprising, crazy hilarious birthdays. This year, my birthday was…unexpected. On brand, I suppose. However, not quite the same as the previous years.

To have a birthday and be practically banned from going outside is…tough. I’ve planned my birthday months ahead. I bought my special birthday dress and special birthday heels for my special birthday dinner. Alas, it’s canceled. Well, I prefer “postponed”. Of course, it’s for the best because everyone needs to stay as healthy and as safe as possible! I know there are massively bigger issues here than my birthday. I know there are some people who won’t see their next birthday. I won’t trivialize what’s going on at all.

However, if I’m honest, I was kind of bummed. It’s hard celebrating a birthday in the middle of a pandemic. Yesterday, I woke up, put on my comfiest clothes and planned to engage in escapism so I wouldn’t have to think about how a virus has pretty much shut down the world outside. I couldn’t really think about how I would make my special day…special. Until I got a surprise. For those who don’t know, I live with my cousins. There’s Karin and her little daughter Skylar. Karin told me she spoke with my mother and she plans on baking my birthday cake.

Now my birthday cake is my mother’s extra special recipe and I haven’t had it in five years since I’m never home for my birthday! But, wait there’s more! Karin also rummaged through some hidden part of the fridge and pulled out my favorite food: steak! So, yesterday (a day that I planned on not being special), I had my mother’s birthday cake and a steak dinner. Isn’t that amazing? It’s fair to say that I cried a bit.

I guess the moral of the story is; you can always find a way to make a day special and never underestimate the love of your family!

Stay healthy and safe, y’all!


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