Our Members deserve an entire blog post about what they’re up to. That’s right, they’re that cool. MFA highlights members’ art events and exhibitions on our Blog so the world can follow us.

MFA Member Jayne Shatz

Shatz was asked to create ceramic pieces that represented work produced in New York during a glacial period after several professors from Union College, NY on a joint project excavated clay credited to be over 10,000 years old. Now, this exhibition is on permanent display! To read more visit her website here.

I created four pieces of work. One was a sculpture of the Venus Figurine from Dolni Vestonice, now the Czech Republic, which actually dated 27,000 years ago, produced in the first kiln site known. I chose to start with this ceremonial piece as it represented artwork that could have been made in any prehistoric society. I then produced two small pinch pots, similar to the first bowls made by human hands, and then one coil pot, reflecting pottery made for storing foodstuffs and later on, cooking. Along with the artwork, I contributed historical documentation referring to these pieces.

Permanent Archeology Exhibition, Jayne Shatz

MFA Member Jan Kirsh

Kirsh’s online store featuring the first pieces of 3D printed jewelry is LIVE!
Each piece has been meticulously designed to represent her sculptures on a smaller scale. It is her hope that the new line appeals to all ages and styles, including anyone who loves fashion, art, and the beauty of Mother Nature. To support this artist, take a look at her online store as well as her sculpture projects here

MFA Member Raegan Thomas

MFA Member and MFA Gallery Manager (2019-2020), Raegan Thomas and her business partner Leigh Miller are both artists who created an Instagram taking commissions! Follow them on Instagram, the username is @lrartifacts 

MFA Member Tim Stephens

Stephens has found a way to make transport safe bags for artwork! If you buy one online or one that is already made they can be pretty expensive, but Stephens has found a good substitute that can be made to fit your specific needs.

You can buy these pouches online but they are quite expensive. I’ve found that I can make a suitable substitute for far less and in the exact sizes I need with materials available from most home improvement stores: double-sided vapor barrier, bubble-insulation, heavy-duty mirror-mounting tape, and heavy-duty velcro. (Bonus! The mirror finish on the insulation helps to keep your art cool in a hot car and is a great reflector when crossing city streets at night! And it helps to keep the art dry if you’re transporting it in the rain!)
I can also brand my pouches with appropriate adhesive labeling. This makes it easy to match back to the art when gallery staff is packing up at the end of a show. And finally, (if the sale price of the art warrants it) I can include the pouch when delivering art to a buyer, adding yet another touch of quality and care that I believe reflects well on me as an artist and as a business. For me, creating a pouch goes part and parcel with having an image framed for the exhibition. All of the framed work in my inventory either resides in a pouch waiting for the next show or it hangs safely on a wall. (This also lets me respond quickly to last-minute opportunities to put up a display.)
Stephens Custom Art Travelling Case

MFA Member Chris Fowler

Fowler’s photograph “The Moore” was accepted into the “Use Other Door” show of the CORE Contemporary Gallery in Las Vegas, NV, the exhibition is open from 6/17/2020-8/15/2020. For more information please click here. 

The Moore
The Moore, Chris Fowler

MFA Member Wil Scott

Tuesdays at 5pm, Wil Scott, art historian, former head of Adult Programs at the National Gallery, MFA Board Member, connects with an artist via zoom to discuss their work, process, and motivation.

Want to see what the conversations are like?

Click here for Wil Scott’s conversation with Rich Isaacman

Click here for Wil Scott’s conversation with Mary Ellen Carsley

No registration is necessary, and there is quite a turnout each week! For more information on how to join, please email info@mdfedart.org and we will be happy to help!

MFA Member Richard Paul Weiblinger

Two of Weiblinger’s pieces were selected from over 680 pieces, in the Hill Center Gallery, this show is on exhibition until June 12, 2020- only a few days left! Read more about Weiblinger here. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 10.17.42 AM
Pilings Green Focus, Richard Paul Weiblinger

Are you an MFA member? Promote yourself! If you have exhibits or events you’d like to share, get your news out there by filling out the Member News Submission Form or by emailing mdfedartmembernews@gmail.com.




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