And that’s a wrap! After five days of painting we have over 100 pieces of art by the nineteen juried artists both in Circle Gallery and their overflow in our Pop Up Gallery at 186 Main Street. Artists could submit three pieces for awards as well as a fourth for their Nocturne. All juried work is at Circle Gallery as well as their overflow work at the Pop Up. Check out everything the juried artists made on our online gallery here.

Friday night we held a Digital Reception where juror Abigail McBride announced her award choices live! Click here to watch the reception (we’re working on editing it together with a thank you message from MAPAPA and taking out some of the technical problem so subscribe to us on YouTube to see the polished version when it drops).

Here are the Paint Annapolis 2020 Juried Artist Award Winners

MAPAPA Award for excellence

Last Days of Summer, oil, by Vlad Duchev

Best of the Bay Award

Pastel Bay, oil on panel, by Crista Pisano

Urban Landscapes Award

A Lovely Day, oil, by David Diaz

Annapolis Gallery Association Award

awarded by the Annapolis Gallery Association (Body of Work, one featured here)

Sun Setting over the Severn River, oil, by Lynn Mehta

Ardis Diaz Memorial Light Award

Fleet Street, oil, by Lon Brauer

Artist’s Choice Award

Voted on by the Juried Artists (Body of Work, one featured here)

Fleet Street Cables, watercolor, by Mat Barber Kennedy

Nocturne Award

A Lovely Day, oil, by Georganna Lenssen

PNC Award for Excellence

Iron Rooster Outdoor Seating, watercolor, by Stewart White

Harbor Award for Excellence

Sunday Regatta, oil, by Jackie Clark

Subaru Award for Excellence

Rooftop View, oil, by Neal Hughes

Click here to see all the work online – or swing by Circle Gallery and our Pop Up Gallery at 186 Main Street to see everything in person through October 22nd.

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